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Need A Female VA For A 18+ Project. Please Read!!!!

2013-10-08 21:07:19 by LeadaLikTV

Any female VA out there who are free of time and wanna help out my bud on his newest project?

Rock-Candy is a Swedish  animator/NSFW artist from Newgrounds who does multiple projects for the site and other porn flash game sites.

He has been looking for a available female VA for his new project for about a year now and has no luck. As his bud, I come to you guess.

You just have to do a few moans and stuff. That’s it. That’s all. Its just a few recorded moans and ya out.

You MUST gave a decent mic. He made sure I tell you all that.

Please help him out. Just level with him ans give it a shot.

Rock-Candy: http://rock-candy.newgrounds.com/

Please hit him up and talk shop, ladies. Must be a female and have a decent mic.


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2013-10-09 01:54:32



2013-10-20 21:05:50

I kind of want to but I'm not sure on the quality of my mic, as I rarely use it.