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New Beat Tape Is Underway

2013-08-31 20:01:13 by LeadaLikTV

Alrighty, then! I’m starting on my beat tape today and hope to release it sometime mid September. The name for the CD is still in the works.

Just know the tape has alotta hip hop, trip hop, electronica, jazz/acid jazz, and chillwave.

I think this tape will have at least 10 tracks.

If anyone raps, sings, and produce/DJ and wish to feature, I’m open for it.

Also, if anyone wanna review he tape oce its out and give me your opinions, that’ll be great.

Also again—sorry—if anyone is able to help me with a simple album cover in the mere future, that’ll also be rad. So, lemme know something.

Okay, I’m off to FL Studio. Bye! :D


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